Rental advice At If you don't have a vehicle or if long car journeys put you off, there are solutions. Renting a car before departure or even at the place of your vacation can be interesting provided you are a little vigilant. Unfortunately, scams are not excluded. Here are some useful tips for renting your car. Online booking Rental offers are often more interesting online than in an agency. Sometimes the rates can vary up to 30% for certain companies and during certain periods. It is therefore better to anticipate and prepare for your trip, the savings will be substantial. Do not hesitate to consult the specialized sites to find the offer best suited to your needs. Analyze your needs If you are going with your family, choose a minivan, for example. But if you are traveling alone or as a couple, a compact sedan may suffice. Rates vary mainly depending on the size of the vehicle you want to rent. Choosing a car that suits your needs will allow you to control your rental budget. Before signing, read the entire contract carefully: customers should have the most important points explained to them and check whether all the drivers of the car are listed in the contract. Rest assured! Insurance is a crucial point. Be aware that rental contracts generally only offer basic guarantees. Do not hesitate to consult them and, if necessary, to subscribe to an extension. Again, in the event of an incident or accident, the bill can skyrocket and a small initial saving can ruin an entire budget. Renting a vehicle can be an excellent solution for going on vacation. Nevertheless, it is advisable to be careful and vigilant because a good plan does not always rhyme with absolute security. Read your contracts carefully, analyze the additional costs. When picking up the car Check the condition of the car with the rental company: lights, brakes, air conditioning, spare wheel, fuel level and cracks are the main points to check when picking up the car. vehicle support. vehicle support. Exterior damage such as scratches and dents as well as interior damage must be mentioned on the contract, otherwise they may be the responsibility of the customer when returning the vehicle, without forgetting to check the tires of the car. . . Check the car's engine Open the hood and see if there is any peculiar smell. Before even starting the engine, you have to see and feel it, Check all levels of the car. Start with engine oil. Remove the dipstick, wipe it clean, push it back fully into its housing and remove it again. Is there still oil? Yes ? It's perfect. It is true that more often than not there is always a little something missing. Check the oil level when the engine is warm. A power steering works via a pump and a small reservoir. Above the latter, you will see a cover under which is fixed a plastic gauge. Start by checking with this gauge if there is enough steering fluid. The same is true with the braking system. Near the master cylinder, you will see a small plastic container with two marks on the side (MIN and MAX), the fluid level should be between the two. It is not necessary to open to check the level, finally, you must check the level of the coolant at the level of the expansion tank, and that of the windscreen washer fluid When returning the vehicle Respect the time return written on the contract: the lessors are entitled to claim a full day's rental in the event of late return. Also find out about the rental agency's closing times.